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We have three decades of experience in setting up large scale commercial hydroponics projects. Our strength is formulation of highly viable projects, based on the geographical ordinates.



We have graduated from Substrate cultivation on large farms, to NFT, Vertical NFT and now Aeroponics. We have closed on to Aeroponics Technique. The most advanced and appropriate technique is Need of the our.


Appropriate Technology

We formulate projects with utmost details. We ensure the project is set up with right costs and technology matching the local conditions.

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Grow Healthy Hygienic Food

Appropriate- Sustainable Technology

We have formulated Vertical Farming Modules based on geographical locations and prevailing market potentials. 

Turnkey Hydroponics/Aeroponics Projects


Feasibility Studies 

Project Planning

Project Parameter and Requirement

Project Implementation

Middle East- Here we come!!

Our biggest project on Vertical Aeroponics with 500 tons/year of vegetables in Middle East, under implementation

Projects in India and Middle East

Huge City Indoor City Farm in Making...

One of the first vertical Aeroponics Farm in the middle of the most happening city of Middle East...wait for the news..

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About Us

Wow Aeroponics!!


Technology of Future- 95% less water, higher production.

Linear Aeroponics- Super Saving of energy & Water!!


Linear Aeroponics- A Rapid Grow System with minimal inputs.

Cherry Tomatoes- Loves Aeroponics


High Production Low input - This is the future of Farming Note it Down!! Super water saving!!